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About Us


Department introduction

The department aims to achieve excellence and internationalization of research and teaching with equal emphasis on research and teaching. At present, two professional programs have been  established to deepen the development of the research and teaching of the department.

In recent years, the internationalization and liberalization of enterprises and finance have  become a trend. In response to this situation, the government has adopted a number of policies to actively improve the capital market, foreign exchange market and financial system, and introduced a variety of financial instruments to facilitate the flexible operation of enterprises. In order to implement the above policies, government financial institutions are eager to inject more forward-looking, international-minded middle and senior financial  management talents. The establishment of this department is to accelerate the cultivation of these talents to meet the increasing demand.



Department history

The school was formally established on July 1, 1983. In order to cooperate with the government's policy of promoting financial internationalization and liberalization, to cultivate middle and senior financial  management talents, and to cultivate  financial professionals in the eastern part of the country, this department was established.

The Department of Finance  of our school was officially established in the summer of 1991 to recruit students.  After that, in 1996, a master's degree program in corporate finance was established with  a master's degree program in accounting and finance set up in 1998  to recruit outstanding students in the field of  finance.

In order to develop academic and teaching internationalization, the department recruited international students for a master's class in the spring of the 100th year of the Republic of China as well as  a bachelor's class for international students in the summer of the same year.  The courses are taught in English to achieve the goal of the internationalization of the department.

It has been about 20 years since the founding of the department. The previous department chairs were  Professor Hong Kun, Professor Xiao Chaoxing, Professor Lin Jinlong, Professor Lu, Jin-Ray, Professor Chih, Hsiang-Hsuan, and Professor Hou, Chieh-tse. The current department chair is Professor Lee, Ming-Long.



Current status and future prospects

The Department focuses on financial practice training. Currently, it has signed a letter of intent for internship cooperation with financial institutions to provide students with the opportunity to practice in the industry. Before graduation, they can integrate into the industry and improve their employability. It hopes to train students of this department to become both theoretical and practical financial and academic talents in the industry.



Excellent financial and academic talents

The department pays attention to students' international mobility. Currently, it has signed double degree contracts and exchange student exchange contracts with foreign universities, providing students with additional opportunities for studying abroad in addition to the opportunities provided by the school, in the hope of cultivating  the students of this department to become finance professionals with international mobility.